Children’s Recreational Class

At KL Judo, we have two classes for children. The younger group is for children under the age of nine and the older group is for those over the age of nine. We believe it is vitally important that children enjoy their judo. So, while there is an emphasis on technical skill development, we also want to make sure the training is fun for the kids! Judo is a sport imbued with moral values and our training program is designed to impart good values to the kids training with us.

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Adults’ Recreational Class

KL Judo has a judo program that’s ideal for working adults who may have always wanted to learn judo but never got the chance when they were younger. Although this program was designed with adults in mind, teens from 13 years old may join the adults’ class. Members are taught both traditional versions of techniques as well as modern versions seen in competitions. There is a strong emphasis on practical skills development.

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Elite Competition Training

Some members might want to compete in local or regional competitions. Some may even aspire for international events. For such players, we provide a complete training system that covers technical skills, tactical skills, strategic gripping, strength and fitness, as well as mental training. These sessions are usually run in the afternoon when recreational classes are not scheduled. Both part-time and full-time training are available.

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Coaching Development

Some of our players aspire to become coaches in the future. There are two types of coaching: recreational coaching and competitive coaching. The former entails teaching both Gokyo techniques as well as popular competition variations. The latter is all about training players to win in competitions. Coaching development is available to our members. Please contact head coach Oon Yeoh for details.