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How to sustain your interest in judo

Judo is a form of self-improvement. That's the right way to view judo, which is more than sport. Read more →

The secret value of a judo club

What's the role of a judo club? Ultimately, it's about delivering happiness. Read more →

Ippon-Seoi-Nage Basics

Everything you need to know about ippon-seoi-nage. Read more →

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Ouchi-Gari Basics

All the key points of ouchi-gari are here. Read more →

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It's critical that you be precise during uchikomi drills. Read more →

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The door to our club is open...

The door to our judo club has remained opened (whether virtually or physically) since the lockdown began early last year. Read more →

Koshi-Jime Series

Six different strangles but all related in a way. Read more →

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Basic Hold-Downs & Escapes

Four basic holds and ways to escapes from them. Read more →

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Arm Lock Series

Two types of rolls, one effective way to straighten the arm and one innovative solution when it's impossible to straighten uke's arm. Read more →

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Kids are busy Zoomin'

Kids get together every Sunday through Zoom to do judo activities together. Read more →

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