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British Strangle

A good alternative to the modern kata-ha-jime. Read more →

Modified Kata-Ha-Jime

This is the modern version of kata-ha-jime. Read more →

Opening Up Uke

This is how you open up uke for a choke. Read more →

Drop Sode

The drop sode, like the drop seoi, is very popular in contest judo. Read more →

Leg-Insertion Koshi-Jime

The leg-insertion version is very popular in contest judo. Its effect is felt very quickly. Read more →

Leg-Grab Koshi-Jime

The leg-grab koshi-jime is the superior version compared to the classical version. Read more →

Classical Koshi-Jime

Koshi-jime is a very popular contest choke. Here, we present to you the classical version. Read more →

Front Uchimata

Everything you've ever wanted to know about Front Uchimata, in under 6 minutes. Read more →

Bilodid Sankaku 1 & 2

The Bilodid sankaku is a version of the reverse sankaku but it is done with a side entry into the technique, which makes it easier. Read more →

Utsuri-Goshi Tutorial

This is how you do utsuri-goshi, probably the hardest technique to do in judo. Read more →

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