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Cuban Sankaku Live

Cuban sankaku tutorial from Tuesday's class. Read more →

Ura-Nage Live

Ura-nage tutorial from Tuesday's class. Read more →

Tani-Otoshi Live

Tani-otoshi tutorial from Tuesday's class. Read more →


An archaic technique that has seen new life with the new IJF rules that allows throws to be done off the ground (provided uke's elbows are up). Read more →


Often mistaken for ura-nage, it involves a rotational action that generates a lot of momentum. In some ways, easier to do than ura-nage. Read more →


Very powerful counter. Requires lifting uke up but can use your leading leg to assist with the lift. Read more →


Easiest counter to learn. Read more →

1st Q&A Session

1st Q&A session where three questions were asked. Read more →

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Briggs Sankaku

This is a wrist-control form of sankaku. Read more →


The yoko-sankaku is usually the first sankaku taught to beginners. Read more →

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