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2 weeks in

Our players are back in full force. Read more →

Akimoto Roll (Close Up)

A close-up look at the Akimoto Roll. Read more →


Osoto-makikomi is sort of a hybrid between osoto-gari and soto-makikomi. Read more →

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Akimoto Roll Demo

This is how you do the Akimoto Roll. Read more →

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Akimoto Roll

This highly effective roll is actually a variation of an old technique made famous by Kashiwazaki. Read more →

KL Judo welcomes more new members

We welcome three awesome members to our growing judo family! Read more →

Yellow Belt Throwing Practice

Three of our players working on yellow belt throws. A refresher for two of them and brand new to one of them! Read more →

Osoto-Gari (Kenka-Yotsu)

Three osoto-gari variations done from a kenka-yotsu situation. Read more →

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KL Judo welcomes new members

We are extremely fortunate to have dedicated members and we are delighted to have new members join us recently. Read more →

The Twitch

The Twitch is an uchimata feint into kosoto-gari move that works wonders when uke is convinced the uchimata attack is real. Read more →

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