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2022 Junior Nationals Highlights

Some good results from the 2022 Junior Nationals. Read more →

5 Throws off the Georgian Grip

5 very powerful throws off the Georgian Grip. Read more →

10 Osaekomi Turnovers

10 osaekomi turnovers in under 2 minutes. Read more →

Sunday Shiai (14.11.22)

Highlights from our mock shiai on Sunday. Read more →

Floating Elbow Morote-Seoi-Nage

The floating elbow version is reminiscent of sode-tsurikomi-goshi. Read more →

Modern Sode-Guruma-Jime

The modern version is done with uke in a turtle position. Read more →

Classical Sode-Guruma-Jime

The classical sode-guruma-jime is done with tori on top in a guard position. Read more →

Thurs Nite Randori (10.11.22)

Nice workout on a Thurs nite. Read more →

10 Newaza Sequences

10 seamless newaza sequences by Cedric & Jamilla. Read more →

Tashiro's Yoko-Shiho Turnover

Tashiro has a yoko-shiho turnover that seems too simplistic to work, but it does! Read more →

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