1. New friends
Judo attracts different people from all walks of life. In your school or working life you will tend to meet the same kinds of people day in and day out. Through judo, you will interact with people you would not normally mix with. And that makes your life more interesting!

2. Physical fitness
Judo players regularly rank among the fittest athletes. The reason is that judo is a sport that requires a mix of strength, stamina, speed and agility. Very few sports work out your entire body the way judo does.

3. Competition
Our club participates in many competitions around the country and even in neighboring countries. Whether you wish to compete in a small local competition or at the national or regional level, we can get you there.

4. Affordable sport
Judo is one of the most freely accessible sports around. All you need is a judogi and you are ready to train. Low-cost, training judogis are available at our club as are second-hand judogis.

5. Self-defense
Although judo's emphasis is sport and not self-defense, experienced judokas are naturally very capable of defending themselves. Judo is a practical and realistic combat sport that will train your body to react when attacked.

6. Observable progress
When you first start out, you're going find it extremely difficult to defeat experienced players, who will seemingly be able to throw you at will and dominate you on the ground. This can be demoralizing at first but if you keep training, in time, you will be able to overcome your opponent. This won't happen overnight but judo is a sport where progress is very obvious and observable.

7. Personal development
Beyond the physical benefits, judo players also learn to:
a) overcome fears
b) control their emotions (and fight stoically)
c) deal with pressurizing situations
d) appreciate the value to team work and team spirit
e) be respectful and courteous to other people
f) be disciplined and hardworking