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Judo Concepts

Conceptual knowledge necessary for effective Judo.

The importance of visualization

If you don't engage in visualization, you are missing out on an important part of training. Read more →

The way to learn judo

When I first picked up judo, there was no rough guide to judo that I… Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 23: How to analyze a video clip

In order to benefit from video analysis, you have to learn how to "break down" a throw. That is, disassemble it to its various constituent pieces. If you pay careful attention, there are tons of information to be gleaned from watching a famous player do his moves. Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 22: The secret value of shiai

Shiai refers to competition. Since there are very few formal competitions in Malaysia, we decided to start having our own shiai every month. Read more →

Judo Concepts. Lesson 21: Situational randori

The benefits of practicing situational randori at your club. Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 20: Purposeful randori

Why you should always be clear about what type of randori you want to do during training. Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 19: Adjusting your level in randori

Why it's important to adjust your level in randori when playing against more junior players. Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 18: 3 types of partners to randori with

The three types of randori partners you are likely to face, and what to do about them. Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 17: How to randori with beginners

At KL Judo Centre we allow even beginners to randori. Here's how seniors should think about doing that with beginners. Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 16: Fighting Bigger Players

How to think about doing randori with a larger fighting partner. Read more →

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