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Anna Bernholm's Juji-Gatame

Highlights of various juji-gatame by Anna Bernholm of Sweden. Read more →

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The Twitch

The Twitch is an uchimata feint into kosoto-gari move that works wonders when uke is convinced the uchimata attack is real. Read more →

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Kosoto-Gake Clips

Examples of kosoto-gake in competition (mostly hugging versions). Read more →

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Kosoto-Gari Clips

Nice collection of kosoto-gari clips from international competitions. Read more →

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Kouchi-Gake Galore

Lots of examples of kouchi-gake from various competitions. Read more →

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Kouchi-Gari Galore

Ever wondered how kouchi-gari looks like in competition. Here are tons of examples. Read more →

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Kouchi-makikomi is another option for kenka-yotsu situations. Read more →

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Kouchi-gake is used in an ai-yotsu situation. Read more →

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Skipping Kouchi-Gari

Skipping kouchi-gari is used in a kenka-yotsu situation. Read more →

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