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No Gi Randori

No gi randori. Read more →

Running Kosoto

A new spin on a well-worn classic technique (or techniques). Read more →

Internal Shiai (3.9.23)

Highlights from our Internal Shiai (3.9.23) Read more →

Sunday Randori (11.6.23)

Good randori on a Sunday afternoon. Read more →

Newaza Randori (9.6.23)

Great randori action on Friday. Read more →

6 Basic Osaekomi Roll

6 basic osaekomi rolls that all KL Judo players should know. Read more →

Uta Abe's Figure-4 Roll

On Tues, we worked on Uta Abe's Figure-4 Roll. Read more →

Tues Nite Tachi-Waza

Lots of throwing action on Tues nite. Read more →

Tues Nite Newaza (23/5/23)

Lots of newaza randori on Tues nite. Read more →

Sunday Funday

Sunday is always a fun day at KL Judo. We work hard throughout the week, so the weekend training is a chance to take it light and easy, and have a lot of fun in the process. Read more →

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