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Technical Session

Jacket Skirt Tie-Up

Innovative tie-up that leads to a couple of osaekomi turnovers. Read more →

Foot Sweep

Foot sweep basics. Read more →

Preventing drop seoi-nage

How to kill the drop-seoi. Read more →

Escape from mune-gatame

Not an easy one to pull off but it's your best chance to get out of mune-gatame. Read more →

Escape from Yoko-Shiho-Gatame

The most realistic and practical way to escape yoko-shiho-gatame. Read more →


Some view this as a combination attack of osoto-gari and soto-makikomi but it's actually one seamless throw that takes advantage of action-reaction. Read more →

Sankaku from Guard Position

This is sankaku done from the Guard position. Read more →

Straddling Sankaku

Sankaku that can be done when tori is riding on top of a turtled uke. Read more →

Belgian Arm Roll

The Belgian Arm Roll is a popular contest technique these days. This is the basic one where you roll him towards his legs. Read more →

Skipping Kouchi-Gari

Skipping kouchi-gari is a classical technique that actually works very well. Read more →

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