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Technical Session

Shiba Lock

There are many ways to do the Shiba Lock. This one is done in conjunction with a Trap Choke. Read more →

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Buchard Choke

This is a variation of a choke made famous by Amandine Buchard of France. Read more →

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The Khabarelli

Three options from the Georgian grip: i) Khabarelli ii) Khabarelli Sasae iii) Hikikomi-Gaeshi Read more →

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Morote-Seoi-Nage Precursors (Set-Ups)

Ideal gripping for drop morote-seoi-nage and four set-ups for it. Read more →

Drop Morote-Seoi-Nage Basics

We look at the grips (sleeve hand and lapel hand), the drop and the finishing for morote-seoi-nage. Read more →

Seoi-Nage: Why not squat?

Cedric wanted to know why not squat when doing seoi-nage. This is the answer... Read more →

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Kata-Gatame Escape 2

This is another way to escape from kata-gatame. Read more →

Kata-Gatame Escape 1

This is one way to escape from kata-gatame. Read more →

Q&A: When is it OK to grip the lapel first with the power hand?

Cedric wants to know when it is OK to grip the lapel first with the power hand (as opposed to gripping uke's power hand sleeve first). Read more →

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Gripping Strategy for Kenka-Yotsu

This is what tori should do when faced with an opposite stance opponent. Read more →

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