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Technical Session

Orange Belt Groundwork

Orange Belt Groundwork Read more →

Orange Belt Throws

Orange Belt Throws Read more →

26 Uchimata Variations

26 different variations of uchimata. Read more →

Essential Turnovers

Two basic turnovers that every player should know. Read more →

Kataha-Jime Combo Series

Basic rolling kataha-jime can transition into other techniques. Read more →

Pivot Uchimata

A suitable technique for short players. Read more →


Uchimata-sukashi is a pure tewaza. Not much strength is needed to effect this technique. But timing is crucial. Read more →

Throws against High Grippers

Throws that can be done against an opponent who likes to impose a high grip (left and right). Read more →

Counter Attacks in Newaza

Various ways to counter newaza attacks. Read more →

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Positional Newaza: Front of Turtle

Here are 19 techniques tori can do when tori is facing uke, who is in a turtle position, head-to-head. Read more →

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