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Technical Session

Armlock Finishings

Here, we have four different ways to win from a juji-gatame position. Read more →

Flat Figure-4 Roll

This is what you do when uke flattens out to try to prevent you from doing a Juji-Gatame Roll. Read more →

Traineau Roll

If you find other Juji-Gatame Rolls to be hard to do, this could be the one for you. Read more →

Adams Juji-Gatame Roll

The Adams Roll is not as common as the Iatskevich Roll but it is more versatile. Read more →

Iatskevich Juji-Gatame Roll

The Iatskevich Roll is the most popular Juji-Gatame turnover in the world. Read more →

Khabarelli Sasae

The Khabarelli sasae is an alternative way to do the Khabarelli, which traditionally involves a pick-up. Read more →

Wrong-Leg Sasae

Wrong-leg sasae is a practical way to do sasae in an extreme ai-yotsu situation. Read more →

Sacrifice Sasae

The sacrifice sasae is actually a sutemi-waza but there is a sasae action involved too. Read more →

Pocket-Grip Sasae

The pocket-grip sasae is a good solution when uke refuses to give his sleeve grip. Read more →

Lapel Sasae

The classical version of sasae is done on the sleeve side but the modern, competition version is often done on the lapel side. Read more →

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