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Technical Session

Waist-Grip Ouchi-Gari

This is a suitable technique to use when uke likes to dominate you with a high grip in an ai-yotsu situation. Read more →

Switching Ouchi-Gari

When faced with an ai-yotsu situation you can adopt a radical approach, which is the switching stance ouchi-gari. Read more →

Whirling Ouchi-Gari

Whirling Ouchi-Gari is ideal for an ai-yotsu situation. Read more →

Yoko-Sankaku: Complete Breakdown

Yoko-sankaku completely broken down into its constituent parts. Read more →

Reverse Seoi-Nage

Revers seoi-nage broken down for you. Read more →

Sode-Guruma-Jime 2

This is good for use when uke is in a turtle position. Read more →

Sode-Guruma-Jime 1

This one is done with uke on his back. Read more →


Ecky-gatame. Read more →

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Arm Straightening

Arm Lever Read more →

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Flat Figure-4 Roll

Flat Figure-4 Roll Read more →

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