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This is the side-entry version of tomoe-nage. Very popular competition technique. Read more →

Hopping Ouchi

This is hopping ouchi or ken-ken ouchi. It looks almost like an uchimata. Read more →

Whirling Ouchi

The whirling ouchi is a solution for an extreme kenka-yotsu or ai-yotsu situation. Read more →

Standard Ouchi-Gari

This is how the standard ouchi-gari looks like. It's a good training tool to prepare you for competition-style variations. Read more →

Osoto-Gari (Ai-Yotsu)

This is how you do osoto-gari from an ai-yotsu situation. Read more →

Kouchi-Makikomi (3 Variations)

Here are 3 variations of kouchi-makikomi. Read more →

Osoto-Gari (Kenka-Yotsu)

This is an effective and safe way to do osoto-gari from a kenka-yotsu situation. Read more →


Ogoshi, the most basic of hip throws. Read more →

Leg-Insertion Ippon-Seoi-Nage

The leg-insertion version is a very popular contest variation of the standing ippon-seoi. It allows you to get underneath uke without having to bend your knees. Read more →

Straight-Leg Ippon-Seoi-Nage

Keeping your legs straight when doing standing ippon-seoi-nage seems counter-intuitive but it is an effective and efficient way to do it. Read more →

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