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Technical Session

Akimoto Roll (Close Up)

A close-up look at the Akimoto Roll. Read more →


Osoto-makikomi is sort of a hybrid between osoto-gari and soto-makikomi. Read more →

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Akimoto Roll Demo

This is how you do the Akimoto Roll. Read more →

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Akimoto Roll

This highly effective roll is actually a variation of an old technique made famous by Kashiwazaki. Read more →

Osoto-Gari (Kenka-Yotsu)

Three osoto-gari variations done from a kenka-yotsu situation. Read more →

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Tai-Otoshi (Ai-Yotsu & Kenka-Yotsu)

A complete tutorial on how to do tai-otoshi (square, ai-yotsu & kenka-yotsu situation covered). Read more →

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Ouchi-Gari (Ai-Yotsu & Kenka-Yotsu)

Ouchi-Gari tutorial with 2 versions for ai-yotsu and 2 versions for kenka-yotsu. Read more →

Kosoto Family of Techniques

4 types of kosoto. Read more →

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Kouchi Family of Techniques

3 types of kouch-gari Read more →

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Kouchi-Makikomi Session

Kouchi-makikomi session in full.… Read more →

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