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Technical Session

Judo Fundamentals: 3 Basic Chokes

Here, we cover Hadaka-Jime, Okuri-Eri-Jime and Kata-Ha-Jime. Read more →

Judo Fundamentals: Attacks from Guard Position

The Guard Position is an offensive (not defensive) position and you can do many attacks on uke from this position. Read more →

Judo Fundamentals: Koshi-Jime Series

Koshi-jime is one of the most popular strangles in competition judo today. Read more →

Judo Fundamentals: Belgian Arm Roll

This is a very popular turnover in international competition today. Here are the basics of what you need to do to make it work for you. Read more →

Judo Fundamentals: 4 Basic Turnovers

4 basic osaekomi turnovers every beginner should know. Read more →

Judo Fundamentals: Alligator Roll into Yoko-Shiho-Gatame

This is how you get a yoko-shiho-gatame from an Alligator Roll. Read more →

Judo Fundamentals: Sumi-Gaeshi & Hikikomi-Gaeshi

Everything you need to know about sumi-gaeshi and hikikomi gaeshi. Read more →

Judo Fundamentals: Kouchi-Makikomi

The basics for kouchi-makikomi. Read more →

Judo Fundamentals: Tsuri-Goshi & Tsurikomi-Goshi

Tsuri-goshi and Tsuri-komi-goshi are often misunderstood throws. Here, we clear up the confusion. Read more →

Judo Fundamentals: Soto-Makikomi

Key elements that go into a successful soto-makikomi. Read more →

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