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Technical Session

Akimoto Roll

It's a derivative of the Hara-Zutsumi and Obi-Tori-Gaeshi. Read more →

Driving Ouchi

Driving ouchi starts off like an uchimata. Read more →

Whirling Ouchi

The Whirling Ouchi, which can be done off a kenka-yotsu situation or an ai-yotsu situation, allows you to be positioned in an optimal stance for attacking uke. Read more →


Ouchi-gari is very difficult for beginners to do because it really requires a synchronized movement of all limbs, head positioning and body positioning. Read more →

Buchard Roll

The Buchard Roll is a derivative of the Japanese Roll, with a unique gripping situation on the belt. Read more →

Japanese Roll

This is an osaekomi turnover that is very popular amongst Japanese players, especially those in the female team. Read more →

The Khabarelli

This Georgian-style pick-up was recognized by the Kodokan in 2017 and is officially known as obi-tori-gaeshi. Read more →


Utsuri-goshi or changing hip throw is one of the more difficult techniques of judo because it involves the changing of the hip placement while uke is mid-air during a pick-up. Read more →

Side Roll

Simple turnover against a tightly turtled uke. Read more →

Billy Roll

A good move to get uke onto his side or back. From there, you can go for a pin or even an armlock or a choke as his arms and neck would be more exposed than before. Read more →

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