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Ready vs Prepared

You can never be ready but you can be well-prepared. Read more →

28 days to go

28 days to go. We are on track. Read more →

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Training for Competition

Competition training: This is how we do it. Read more →

The 1/3 Rule

Whatever your membership numbers are, remember: Only 1/3 of that lot will come for training regularly. Read more →

3 objectives for every session

I always try to achieve 3 key things for every class I conduct. Read more →

Why we charge for trial sessions

Unlike most judo clubs, we charge for our trial sessions. Read more →

Strength training for judo

Should a judoka devote time to weight training? Read more →

On weight categories

On the topic of weight cutting. Read more →

How to improve you judo in 2022

10 tips on how to improve your judo in 2022. Read more →

3rd Q&A Session

Our 3rd Q&A. Some excellent questions, as usual. Read more →

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