On Thursday, we worked just on tachi-waza. I had initially planned to teach them some newaza too but the tachi-waza took longer than I had expected.

Part 1:
I had the players work on Push-Pull action-reaction techniques:
a) ouchi-gari into tai-otoshi
b) ouchi-gari into morote-seoi-nage
c) ouchi-gari into uchimata
d) kosoto-gari into tai-otoshi
e) kosoto-gari into morote-seoi-nage

Part 2:
I had them work on Pull-Push action-reaction techniques
a) ippon-seoi-nage into osoto-gari
b) ippon-seoi-nage into kouchi-makikomi
c) morote-seoi-nage into kouchi-gari
d) sode-tsurikomi-goshi into osoto-gari

Part 3:
I had them do a few Push-Pull sequences while moving around. Then, I had them do a few Pull-Push sequences. And finally, I had them do a mixture of Push-Pull and Pull-Push sequences.

Part 4:
I had them do their favorite Push-Pull or Pull-Push sequences to completion, which means they had to complete the throw and do a breakfall at the end.