1. Golden Score Drill is meant to simulate a GS situation whereby players are under extreme pressure to avoid getting shidos.
  2. Kenka-Yotsu Nagekomi allows players to develop throws in an opposite stance situation, which is quite common in randori and shiai.
  3. Newaza Drill where uke is in a turtle position simulates the most common defensive position uke will take in a randori or shiai situation. Doing this drill develops muscle memory and instills good habits.
  4. Sleeve-Lapel Gripping Drill trains players to achieve a dominant gripping situation involving a traditional grip.
  5. Double Sleeve Gripping Drill simulates a gripping scenario that sometimes happens in randori and shiai where both players have each other's sleeves locked up. Players learn how to break out of this and achieve a dominant grip.
  6. Newaza Drill where uke is flat simulates a randori or shiai situation where uke tries to foil a roll or turnover by going onto their belly.
  7. High Grip Drill trains tori to achieve a dominant high grip and uke to block a dominant high grip from happening.
  8. Newaza Drill with partial resistance is where uke allows tori to get an opening for their attack but then defends vigorously once the attack starts. This drill trains tori to finish their attack. Uke meanwhile learns how to stop an attack even when tori has already penetrated their defences.
  9. Transition Drill trains uke to seamlessly move from tachi-waza to newaza.
  10. Shoulder Tap Drill also trains tori to quickly transition from tachi-waza to newaza.
  11. Newaza Drill with full resistance is where uke completely closes up and gives no opening at all to tori, who has to learn how to penetrate uke's defences in order to start the attack. Uke meanwhile gets to train how to shut tori out, long enough for a matte to be called.