In collaboration with ClassPass, we will be launching two new programs that are suitable for judokas and non-judokas alike.

The first one is JudoFit, a judo-based circuit training class (1 hour) that will include calisthenics, plyometrics, high-intensity interval training, speed & agility drills and, last but not least, judo hokyo. These classes are available five days a week:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (7 to 8pm)
Saturday (3 to 4pm)

The second one is JudoABC (Adult Beginners' Class), a fundamentals class suitable for judo players of all ages, male and female. In this class, participants will learn the basics of gripping, throws and groundwork. These classes will be available twice a week:
Wednesday (8 to 9.30pm)
Sunday (2 to 3.30pm)

For both JudoFit and JudoABC, ClassPass members will be training alongside KL Judo members.