So, we are staring at "full lockdown" for at least two weeks (but these things usually last longer than that).

We don't know exactly what "full lockdown" entails because at the time of writing, the details are not out yet. I would be surprised if they completely banned outdoor exercises, like people going for a walk or a jog alone. But I think it's very likely that anything resembling group training (even with social distancing) would not be allowed.

That means going back to Zoom sessions. It's very hard to do tachi-waza instruction and tachi-waza training without a partner. You could do footwork training but there's nobody to grip. So the training is not complete.

Newaza is very possible though if you use a teddy bear as uke. There's almost no technique you can't train in newaza if you have a teddy bear. So, we will focus more on newaza during this time.

You can of course do fitness work too. HIIT lessons, basic plyometrics and even some speed and agility drills are possible through Zoom training.

Judo education is also something we can focus on during a full lockdown. By that I mean the history of competitive judo. Students can be taught about the great champions of the past, and their exploits. There are lots of stories to be told about that.

It may be a while before we can go back to the dojo and do proper judo training but in the meantime, we will use online means to deliver content and lessons. Thank goodness for the Internet. Imagine if this pandemic had happened prior to the advent of the Internet!