KL Judo is part of Fighting Films' Team Superstar

We've just made another order of FF judogis. I've lost count of how many times we've ordered judogis this year but this one will probably be our last order for the year as most of our players have their own FF kits already.

It's nice to have a common uniform that the team wears. It gives the team a certain identify and a certain branding. Hey, we're official part of FF's Team Superstar!

These are good, hardy gis that happen to look very stylish too. Our players look good wearing these judogis with the famous FF gates logo on the sleeves.

Because we are the official distributor for FF judogis in Malaysia, we are able to get good prices for the gis and we pass on much of the savings to our players. We offer members a substantial discount because we want to encourage them to get a set of high-quality judogis.

It's always a good sign whenever a player gets a set of good judogis because it shows that they are serious about their judo. When one of our promising beginners decided to order a set of white and blues, I told her that I'm glad she's getting some professional judogis. Her reply was, "I'm investing in my future".