Sometimes you teach your student new techniques and sometimes you get them to revise what they've learned. After six weeks of training, since she first started judo, I got Ariane to revise all the major techniques she's learned so far. She did well.

Osoto-Gari (Kenka-Yotsu)
Ippon-Osoto (Ai-Yotsu)
Ippon-Osoto (Kenka-Yotsu)
Sankaku Strangle
Sankaku Strangle (Hand Assisted)
Sankaku Armlock (Far Arm)
Sankaku Armlock (Near Arm)
Sankaku Pin
Sankaku Pin (Thread-the-Needle)
Sacrifice Sasae
Trap Choke
Side Takedown
Adams Juji-Gatame Roll (Towards the Rear)
Adams Juji-Gatame Roll (Towards the Head)
Drop Ippon-Seoi-Nage
Billy Roll (Reverse Headlock)
Billy Roll (Collar Tie)
Standing Ippon-Seoi-Nage
Jacket Skirt Tie-Up (Circular Turnover)
Jacket Skirt Tie-Up (Bulldozer)
Jacket Skirt Tie-Up (Reverse Turnover)