We had our first Sunday sessions (first one was more for beginners and the second was for more advanced players, but there was some overlap as some players attended both sessions).

The turnout was really good on Sunday, with both sessions being well-attended. We've also had good attendance during the course of the past week.

I'm very thankful our members are still keen on judo after three months of shut-down. Of course we did see a few members drop off. This is to be expected, with many coaches saying if they can retain at least 50% or 60% of their members, they would be happy. We've easily retained 80% of our members.

We have an incredible membership: a diverse group of players with different nationalities, backgrounds and experiences but all very keen on learning judo. They're also very friendly with great attitudes.

Having great people in a club is what makes it all worthwhile. There are many things that go into making a judo club really good. Being at the right location and having the right type of equipment are both important. So is having the right coach or coaching team. But without good members, a club is nothing.

So, we at KL Judo are very lucky we have each other to train with and to grow together as judokas. As a club, we survived the Covid-19 crisis. Now, there's no stopping us!