Rolling Kataha-Jime (Key Points)
1. Different from the classical version. You don't put your left hand behind uke's head but rather you hold uke's left sleeve and pin it down so uke can't use that hand to block your strangle.
2. It's crucial to get your right leg across uke's right shoulder.
3. You push with your right leg as you pull back on uke's lapel, to effect the strangle.

Rolling British Strangle (Key Points)
1. When you do the Rolling Kataha-Jime, sometimes uke is able to block your right leg from coming across their right shoulder.
2. You switch to a British strangle by releasing your left hand grip (on uke's left sleeve) and reach for uke's left knee. Take a grip and pull yourself towards uke's knee in order to effect the strangle. In doing so, you arch uke's body into a very uncomfortable position.