Doing some pylometrics exercises using the Penalty Box device

We are now under RMCO (Recovery Movement Control Order) until August 31, 2020. During this time, we are allowed to do indoor exercises with social distancing.

Previously, under the CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order) we did exercises outdoors, in parks and playgrounds, because that was all that was allowed (indoor training was forbidden).

On Tuesday, we had our first session back in the dojo. We managed to work on kouchi-gari, kouchi-gake and kouchi-makikomi. The first one, kouchi-gari, was the hardest to do so we spent more time on it. At first, a few of the players had some difficulty with the movement required for a skipping kouchi-gari but towards the end, almost everyone got it.

Thank goodness for the sticks. They really make training much more productive compared to just doing tandoku-renshu on an imaginary partner.

Of course we can't do any "real" judo as full-contact sports are still not allowed. But with the stick exercises and the Penalty Box (see picture above) exercises, we can make things fun for our players, so they don't have to just do push-ups and sit-ups, etc, which are boring. Instead, they get to do something interesting and unique.

It's important in the coming months up to August 31, we make full use of the time to teach the players good fundamentals, especially with regard to footwork. This is also a good time to build up their fitness. But it's also important that they have fun doing all these things.

So, we have to make the sessions productive, intense and enjoyable. That's what we intend to do in the coming 11 weeks or so of RMCO. We're off to the good start!