There are basically two types of judo players: Those who try out techniques they learn and those who don't.

Humans are creatures of habit and people generally like to stay in their comfort zones. Those reasons explain why some people don't like to try new things. They'd rather stick with what they know already.

But if you are a beginner, and you're still in the process of learning new techniques, you cannot afford to be like that. You have to try out the techniques you learned.

As a coach, it is very easy to identify which players will progress quickly. They are always the ones who are willing to try new things. Every time you teach them something new, they will try it. You don't even have to urge them. They will try it out during randori. It's in their character to be that way.

Then, you have the ones who will do all the drills properly but when it comes time to randori, they stick to the things they already know. They don't even try out a single new thing. Such players will not make much progress.

If you find yourself to be like that, accept the fact that it is human nature to be that way but understand that if you want to improve your judo skills, you have to fight that natural inclination to stick to well-worn techniques. Force yourself to try new things.

If you do that consistently, over time, it will become part of your habits to always try new things. And that will be good for you in judo, and in life.