Drills are boring. But they need to be done to develop muscle memory and also to instill good habits.

Usually when judo drills are done, the tori will do about 10 reps, to make up a set. Then the uke will become the tori and do 10 reps. Then it goes back to the original tori to do another 10 reps. And so on.  

This is a pretty boring way to do drills. Here are three ways to make them more intresting:

a) Playing music and having the players do drills for the duration of the song rather than complete a certain number of sets. If you want them to do the drills longer, play two songs in a row!

b) Alternating the tori. Instead of tori doing 10 reps, how about having one partner do 1 rep, then have the other partner do 1 rep, then back to the first partner (and so on). By alternating the tori after each rep, you make things less tedious. Nobody has to be uke for 10 reps. After just one rep, that uke gets to be tori.

c) Mixing up the techniques to be drilled. Typically, when drills are done, there is one technique involved, and tori will do that one technique over and over again. Apparently studies have shown that if you mix things up and introduce different techniques within the same drill, learning is improved significantly. But beyond the productivity gains, when you mix thigns up, you make it more interesting for the players.