Lapel Variation
1. This is the most common variation.
2. It works well with ippon-seoi-nage (action-reaction principle at play)
3. Suitable for kenka-yotsu situation, where you attack the near leg.

Sleeve Variation I
1. This is also from a kenka-yotsu situation.
2. However, you are attacking the far leg, which means you have to travel a bit more than the lapel variation.
3. Grip is on the mid-sleeve, sort of like when doing a poor ippon-seoi-nage.

Sleeve Variation II
1. This is done from an ai-yotsu situation.
2. Either you catch uke's end-sleeve as he reaches to grip you or if he has already gripped your lapel, you break it off with two hands.
3. Control the grip, bring it downwards a bit, and then pull before you launch into the attack.