Footwork training, often neglected.

It is said that with crisis comes opportunity. I can't say our club is in crisis since we are allowed to open. We just can't do full-contact judo. So, I would say we face obstacles.

Well, with obstacles come opportunity too.

Normally, when we can do full-contact judo, we'd naturally want to do uchikomi, nagekomi, randori and shiai. As a result, some important things tend to get neglected, such as gripping and footwork.

When you can only work on footwork, with no gripping allowed, you really focus on the footwork. So, this period is a chance for our players to improve their footwork.

Yesterday, we spent a lot of time on just that. The players went through various popular techniques in judo but focusing only on the footwork aspect of the throws.

I expect we'll be doing plenty of this in the weeks to come as the CMCO (lock-down) probably won't be lifted anytime soon. In a way, this might be a good thing. By the time we are allowed to do regular, full-contact judo again, our players will be very good at their footwork.