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Wed Nite Randori (28.9.22)

Good randori after a nice technical session. Read more →

Tues Randori (27.9.22)

Really good randori on Tuesday night. Read more →

Sunday Randori (25/9/22)

Good turnout, which means good randori. Read more →

Sunday Warm-Ups

Lots of fun & games on Sunday. Read more →

Sunday Randori (18.9.22)

Nice ashiwaza randori. We've been doing this all week long. Read more →

6 Arm Rolls

6 different types of arm rolls. Read more →

5 Kouchi

5 different types of kouchi. Read more →

6 Ouchi

6 different types of ouchi-gari. Read more →

Ashiwaza Randori (13.9.22)

On Tuesday we did ashiwaza randori where players can only do small leg techniques. Read more →

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