At KL Judo, we spend a lot of time on technical instruction for both newaza and tachi-waza.

For grading, we teach slightly more traditional versions of techniques, and try as far as possible to stick to the Kodokan style of those techniques. However, when the traditional version is really impractical, we will make the necessary modifications.

For competition training, we teach popular techniques from around the world. We really equip our players with knowledge about many different variations of techniques. So, they will have a lot to choose from when deciding what techniques to specialize in.

I've already worked out the technical sessions through the end of this year, so every session I know exactly what I need to teach. It's necessary to plan this way so tthat here is some kind of coherance to the flow of techniques being taught.

In order to ensure that nobody falls behind, we video record key instructionals and archive them on our website. Very common techniques are usually made accessible to the general public but very special techniques are usually gated inside a Members' Area. (There has to be some priviledges to membership!)