Another year is nearly over and a new one will soon begin. This year has been a challenging one for every judo club. But our club has has survived thanks to the keen support of our members. We've even managed to recruit a few new members, which is really quite remarkable. Together we will be going into the new year with confidence.  

Most of our players have learned the basics so, in the new year, I'm going to start teaching more advanced techniques. This might be hard to do with distancing but I'm encouraging players to get their own teddy bears to use as dummies. It's not ideal but it's better than nothing.

Through the course of 2021, I will be teaching our players a whole bunch of techniques (standing and groundwork) in a very systematic fashion. By the end of 2021, the players will be equipped with a lot of judo skills.

There's not going to be any competitions, at least not in the first part of the year. So, as soon as we are able to do so, we will have our own internal shiai. Internal competitions allow our players to test their skills against teammates. And it's fun. That's why everybody likes it.

I can't wait for 2021 to begin!