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Knee Roll

This is a very simple turnover that works remarkably well. It's particularly useful when uke is all turtled up tightly. Even if you don't end up pinning uke, you still manage to create movement and thus keep the newaza going. Otherwise the referee will call "matte". Read more →

Briggs Tai-Otoshi

This is a version of drop tai-otoshi that involves a Whizzer or Russian Tie grip. Read more →

Wrong-Leg Tai-Otoshi

You don't necessarily have to block uke's far leg. The near leg works as well. Read more →

Sleeve Tai-Otoshi

This version is useful when you can't get a grip on uke's lapel. Read more →

Cross-Grip Tai-Otoshi

The cross-grip tai-otoshi offers a powerful whipping action to fling uke over. Read more →

Basic Tai-Otoshi

The standard or basic version of tai-otoshi involves a 3-step motion. Read more →

Briggs Tai-Otoshi

This is a drop Tai-Otoshi done with a Whizzer or Russian Tie grip. Read more →

Eduard Trippel's Sode

This is how Olympic silver medalist Eduard Trippel does his unique drop sode. Read more →

Mashu Baker's Seoi-Nage

This is how Mashu Baker does his unique drop seoi-nage. Read more →

3 Ways to Stop a Juji-Gatame

Here are three effective ways to stop a juji-gatame when uke rolls you. Read more →

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