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The Art & Science of Kumi-Kata (Part 1)

Yes, there is a method to the madness of grip fighting. Read more →

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The art & science of gripping

There is an art and a science to grip fighting. Read more →

Family Judo

Our club is primarily an adults club with the bulk of our members being working… Read more →

Strong Technical Foundation

We provide a lot of sound technical instruction for both newaza and tachi-waza. Read more →

Technical Mastery

Menae & Ten Ren practiced the yellow belt syllabus for three hours and in the end, they earned their yellow belts. Read more →

Armlocks from the Bottom

Here are two armlock techniques you can do from the bottom (guard) position. Read more →

Kata-Gatame Roll

We all know what kata-gatame is. But how do you get into kata-gatame. Here's one popular way to do it. Read more →

Steady growth

August was a good month for us. Will September be better? Read more →

Koga Seoi-Nage

The Koga Seoi-Nage defies conventional wisdom in 3 key ways (which makes it devastating). Read more →

Are you JudoFit?

Are you Judo Fit? Ready to learn your Judo ABCs? Read more →

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