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The value of planning

To come up with a training program that incorporates social distancing is not easy at all, especially for a sport like judo. But proper planning will allow you to create fun and exciting sessions for your players. Read more →

Obstacles & opportunities

It's said that crisis offers opportunities. So do obstacles. Read more →

Q&A with Justin Khoo

An interesting question and answer session with Justin Khoo, the new Honorary Secretary of the Malaysian Judo Federation. Read more →


Saymah got her green belt within a year. This is Saymah. She joined us… Read more →

A touch of creativity...

Doing solo drills and training with sticks might not seem like much fun but with a touch of creativity you can design pretty effective and interesting drills. No one was bored at last night's session. Read more →

Interview for Judo Canada's website

I was featured in Judo Canada's website in August, 2020. It's about what I did that summer during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more →

Interview with the German Judo Magazine

I was interviewed for the Nov 2018 issue of the German Judo Magazine. The published interview is in German but I'm providing an unedited translated version of my answers in this posting. Read more →

NYT 7-Minute HIIT Workout

Do each of these exercises for 30 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest in… Read more →

Maximizing the happiness curve

What we learned about running a judo club from Elon Musk... Read more →

Here we go again...

Just when you thought we had turned a corner on this pandemic... Read more →

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