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Yoko Ono Roll

A most unusual form of hara-zutsumi. Read more →

Tashiro's Leg Sankaku

Tashiro's Leg Sankaku Read more →

The value and importance of randori

There is nothing more important to judo practice than randori. Read more →

Juji-Gatame Finishings

Arm Lever and Uki-Gatame Read more →

Juji-Gatame Rolls

The Iastkevich and the Adams juji-gatame rolls. Read more →


The sideways version of tomoe-nage is very popular in competition. Read more →

Side Takedown (Ai-Yotsu)

This is a version of Side Takedown that can be done in an Ai-Yotsu situation. Read more →

Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Effort

Take the path of least resistance. Read more →

Competition Training (22.10.22)

First day of competition training with Cedric. Read more →

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Arm Drag Ippon-Seoi-Nage

Arm Drag Ippon-Seoi-Nage. Read more →

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