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Ready vs Prepared

You can never be ready but you can be well-prepared. Read more →

The importance of visualization when drilling

Visualization during drilling is crucial to developing skills. Read more →

28 days to go

28 days to go. We are on track. Read more →

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Shiba Lock

There are many ways to do the Shiba Lock. This one is done in conjunction with a Trap Choke. Read more →

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Buchard Choke

This is a variation of a choke made famous by Amandine Buchard of France. Read more →

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Training for Competition

Competition training: This is how we do it. Read more →

The Khabarelli

Three options from the Georgian grip: i) Khabarelli ii) Khabarelli Sasae iii) Hikikomi-Gaeshi Read more →

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Morote-Seoi-Nage Precursors (Set-Ups)

Ideal gripping for drop morote-seoi-nage and four set-ups for it. Read more →

Drop Morote-Seoi-Nage Basics

We look at the grips (sleeve hand and lapel hand), the drop and the finishing for morote-seoi-nage. Read more →

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