We don't do a lot of cross training at KL Judo for the simple reason that despite the fact that we operate six days a week, there's often not enough time to complete all the judo lessons planned. There's so much to learn in judo and time flies when you're having fun.

Nevertheless, I think going forward we will make time for some cross training. No, it will not be BJJ. I know there are some judo players who cross-train in BJJ because they want to improve their newaza. But we already spend a lot of time on newaza at KL Judo. Many clubs do 70% tachi-waza and 30% newaza (or less). We do 50:50.

So, if we are to cross-train, it should be to improve our abilities in areas that we do not get enough training in. That is why I like the idea of doing some cross-training in Greco-Roman Wrestling. It will get our players used to close-contact grappling and it will improve their ura-nage and yoko-guruma-type throws. It will also increase their upper body strength.