Solo judo training ain't fun but it's better than doing nothing.

So, here we are again, facing yet another lockdown where we aren't even able to do socially-distanced training in the dojo. Although the guidelines aren't clear, it doesn't seem that we can do outdoors, socially-distanced judo either.

In a way this is terrible news. But we are not totally helpless. We have Zoom, which we can use to get the troops together (virtually) and work out together. Here are the kind of things we can do:

a) HIIT: This will keep us anaerobically fit for judo.
b) Plyometrics: These are good for building explosive power
c) Footwork: Judo footwork can really be trained with the help of a stick
d) Shadow uchikomi: This is good for fitness and for helping our players remember the new moves they learned.
e) Newaza with dummy (teddy bear): Lots of newaza can be learned solo, as long as you have a teddy bear.
f) Video study: Learn by watching some video clips from top players.

None of this will be as satisfying as doing judo in a dojo. But this is what we will have to do for at least two weeks.