Quadrant training during MCO

The last time we did a Zoom session was during the last lockdown (MCO 2.0). Last night we did another Zoom session and it was very different from the previous one.

Previously, many of our players were still very unfamiliar with how the techniques felt in real life. That's because many of them are beginners and for the past 14 months or so, they've not had much chance to do real judo. So judo was very theoretical for them.

In the past two months or so though they were able to do real judo and so they now know what the techniques really feel like (and how hard it is to do them when your partner is no longer imaginary).

The solo drills they did during lockdown, coupled with the experience they had doing real uchikomi, real nagekomi, randori and shiai, has given them a really good feel for judo. And their understanding of the techniques is quite sound.

I couldn't help but feel really proud of our players when I saw them do the Zoom session today. I no longer had to explain at length what they are supposed to do. I just say, "tai-otoshi" and they know exactly what they have to do.

Our players have a very good grasp of judo fundamentals. This will position them to really grow as judo players once the MCO is lifted and we can do real judo again. Their growth will be phenomenal, now that they've gone past the beginner's stage of skills development.

Over the years, we've had players come to us from other clubs. Many of them would have colored belts (and in some cases quite high-level colors). But almost all of them were lacking in technical abilities. I'm glad, and proud, to say that our players are not like that. Their grasp of the basics is very, very sound. Nothing could be more fulfilling for a coach.