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Judo Concepts

Conceptual knowledge necessary for effective Judo.

Judo Concepts, Lesson 15: Avoiding Injuries

Injuries are all too common in judo but they can be largely avoided with the right mindset Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 14: Fighting Taller People

How to think about fighting taller opponents in competition. Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 13: Dealing with the Stiff Arm

One of the things beginners have most difficulty with is the "stiff arm". Here's how to deal with it. Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 12: Is a Cool-Down Necessary?

Why cooling down isn't necessary ... according to the latest sports science! Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 10: Uchikomi – Useful or Not?

Why uchikomi isn't as useful as you might think. Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 9: Cross Training

How to think about cross training in other grappling sports. Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 8: Is Kuzushi Relevant?

Is kuzushi is necessary in order to throw an opponent? You would think the answer would be an obvious yes, but this question requires a more nuanced answer. Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 7: Strength vs Technique

How important is weight training to judo? Read more →

Judo Concepts, Lesson 6: Four Basic Rules of Gripping

While breaking the grip is part of grip-fighting, it's actually a means to an end, which is to get a strong, dominant grip on your opponent. Read more →

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