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Technical Session

Rolling Juji-Gatame

This is the foundational rolling juji-gatame. All others are variations. Read more →


If you're a seoi-nage player, you must have this technique in your arsenal. Read more →

Armlock from Guard Position

Not as common as the juji-gatame but still pretty effectie. Read more →


There are two ways to enter into harai-makikomi. Read more →

Sleeve Grip Strategies

Here are three responses to uke taking firm control of your sleeve. Read more →

Concept of Sutemi-Waza

In sutemi-waza, you throw yourself in order to throw uke. Read more →


Soto-makikomi is typically associated with big players but small players can use it too. Read more →

Juji-gatame against flat uke

This is how you do juji-gatame against an opponent who lays flat on his stomach. Read more →

Wrong Leg Tai-Otoshi

Even though you aren't able to stretch your leg long enough to trip uke's far leg, you can still trip uke over their near leg Read more →

Classical Tai-Otoshi

The classical tai-otoshi involves a 3-step motion and a distinct arm placement for the tsurite. Read more →

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