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Technical Session

Kata-Gatame Strangle 2

What happens if uke is clever enough to block your kata-gatame strangle? There's an alternative version that they won't be able to block. Read more →

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Kata-Gatame Strangle 1

You can do a form of sode-guruma-jime from a kata-gatame roll situation. Read more →

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Kata-Gatame Roll

Kata-Gatame Roll Read more →

American Gripping Sequence

American gripping sequence. Four different scenarios and how to deal with them. Read more →

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Everything you needed to know about how to do ura-nage as a counter. Read more →

Bilodid Sankaku Version 1

The first version is for when uke remains in a turtle position after the reverse sankaku is secured. Read more →

Ippon-Seoi Set-Up 5: Parry Uke's Grips

This the basic set-up used by the great ippon-seoi expert Toshihiko Koga. Read more →

Ippon-Seoi Set-Up 4: Double Stab

The double-stab approach is a tactic that is applicable to many other techniques as well. Not just for ippon-seoi. Read more →

Ippon-Seoi Set-Up 3: Pull Head Down

This is a tactic used by former World Champion Loic Pietri (FRA). Read more →

Ippon-Seoi Set-Up 2: Arm Tie-Up

After the initial entry attempt, instead of aborting and pulling back, stay stuck to uke, tying up his arm so you can reposition yourself and re-enter moments later. Read more →

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