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Technical Session

Q&A: When is it OK to grip the lapel first with the power hand?

Cedric wants to know when it is OK to grip the lapel first with the power hand (as opposed to gripping uke's power hand sleeve first). Read more →

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Gripping Strategy for Kenka-Yotsu

This is what tori should do when faced with an opposite stance opponent. Read more →

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Kata-Gatame Strangle 2

What happens if uke is clever enough to block your kata-gatame strangle? There's an alternative version that they won't be able to block. Read more →

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Kata-Gatame Strangle 1

You can do a form of sode-guruma-jime from a kata-gatame roll situation. Read more →

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Kata-Gatame Roll

Kata-Gatame Roll Read more →

American Gripping Sequence

American gripping sequence. Four different scenarios and how to deal with them. Read more →

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Everything you needed to know about how to do ura-nage as a counter. Read more →

Bilodid Sankaku Version 1

The first version is for when uke remains in a turtle position after the reverse sankaku is secured. Read more →

Ippon-Seoi Set-Up 5: Parry Uke's Grips

This the basic set-up used by the great ippon-seoi expert Toshihiko Koga. Read more →

Ippon-Seoi Set-Up 4: Double Stab

The double-stab approach is a tactic that is applicable to many other techniques as well. Not just for ippon-seoi. Read more →

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