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How to learn to throw

The way to get good at judo is quite simply to spend a lot of time on the mat. There's no way around that. Read more →

7 reasons to take up judo

Want a good reason to take up judo? How about 7 of them (one for each day of the week)? Read more →

What judo teaches you

Judo is a sport not a self-defence system. But that doesn't mean it's not good for self-defence. Read more →

Competition and the recreational judoka

Competing is an integral part of the judo experience. Without it, your judo journey would be incomplete. Read more →

Teammate to the rescue!

To have a good training partner, you need to be one yourself. Read more →

Last judogi order for the year

More judogis coming next week. This will probably be our last order for the year as most of our players having their own FF kits now. Read more →

Attitude Matters

What does it mean to be a star judoka? Not just great throwing abilities, I can tell you. Read more →

An inspiring session

There's no such thing as as perfect session but this one was as close to it as you're likely to get. Read more →

Braving traffic jams

If you only want to do judo when it's convenient, then you don't really like judo all that much... Read more →

How to have a good session

There's always a way to have a good workout if you have the right mindset and attitude. Read more →

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