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Practical Training for an Absolute Beginner

A 6-minute highlights reel of nearly 2 hours of practical judo training for our newest member, an absolute beginner. Read more →

Advanced Training for Senior Players

A short highlights reel illustrating our advanced training program for our senior players. Read more →

Learning newaza using a dummy

Dummies are especially useful when there are not enough training partners around. Read more →

Competition Training (22.10.22)

First day of competition training with Cedric. Read more →

Members only  

12 Techniques (29.9.22)

The senior players worked on 12 techniques last night. They all did them well. Read more →

Yoko-Tomoe Training (27.9.22)

Really good yoko-tomoe-nage training on Tuesday. Read more →

Spinning Uchimata

For Wednesday's session, we worked on the Pivot/Spinning Uchimata. Read more →

Sunday Randori (28.8.22)

Another excellent Sunday randori. Read more →

Wed Nite Randori (24/8/22)

Small group but we still had a good randori. Read more →

Tues Nite Randori (23/8/22)

Another exciting randori session. Read more →

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