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1st Q&A Session

1st Q&A session where three questions were asked. Read more →

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The value of competition

Competing is part and parcel of the judo experience. Read more →

Why we have beginners do randori straight away

Why we have beginners do randori from Day 1. Read more →

Everyone can train like a champion

Not everyone can become a champion but everyone can train like a champion. Read more →

Like sandcastles...

Judo clubs are like sandcastles... Read more →

What does it take to build a champion?

Being that Malaysia is a small country with a small judo population, we need to look at how other small countries like Kosovo did it. Read more →

The importance of club culture

How important is club culture? VERY. Read more →

Here we go again!

Back to square one. Read more →

How to train consistently

To be good at judo, you have to train consistently. That takes up a lot… Read more →

Groundhog Day

It's deja vu... all over again! Read more →

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