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On Thursday, we worked on Action-Reaction drills. Read more →

We've never been closed

There has to be a privilege to membership. And there is... Read more →

Full Steam Ahead!

CMCO makes it challenging to train properly but there's no stopping us now. Read more →

Q&A with Vince Skillcorn

Our conversation with Vince Skillcorn on the topic of online judo. Read more →

Technical development doing solo drills

Socially-distanced judo or nothing at all? I'll take the former, please. Read more →

Keeping it interesting

Another month of CMCOAlmost everyone expected the CMCO (partial lockdown) to be extended, perhaps for… Read more →

Inspired sessions

Socially-distanced judo doesn't have to be a sad thing. Read more →

Obstacles & opportunities

It's said that crisis offers opportunities. So do obstacles. Read more →

Q&A with Justin Khoo

An interesting question and answer session with Justin Khoo, the new Honorary Secretary of the Malaysian Judo Federation. Read more →


Saymah got her green belt within a year. This is Saymah. She joined us… Read more →

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