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Judo Tales

Judo Tales #10: All By Myself

Judo is a niche sport so sometimes you have to do things alone. Read more →

Judo Tales #9: Ippon Books & Fighting Films

Ippon Books & Fighting Films dragged judo kicking and screaming into the modern age. And I got to be involved with both. Read more →

Judo Tales #8: Europe bound

My judo journey had a lot of misses but even more gains. Read more →

Judo Tales #7: It Never Rains in Southern California

I've trained at various places but it was at LA Judo that the foundation for my judo was laid. Read more →

Judo Tales #6: The secret power of judogis

Judo is a form of jacket wrestling. As such, the judogi is very important. Read more →

Judo Tales #5: The Japanese influence

Japanese judo prevails in many parts of the world, including in Malaysia. Read more →

Judo Tales #4: Creativity in judo

Forget tradition, go with what works. Embrace change and be creative in with your judo. Read more →

Judo Tales #3: The fear factor

Fear paralyzes you from doing your judo. You need to learn how to control and overcome your fears if you want to win in judo. Read more →

Judo Tales #2: How a good coach assesses players

One of my players recently told me that they once trained in another martial art… Read more →

Judo Tales #1: Randori with white belts

What's the best way to randori with beginners? Read more →

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