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Competition Training

An ongoing log of personalized training sessions conducted for your competitors.

End-Sleeve Seoi-Nage

On Thursday, we looked at two variations of the end-sleeve seoi-nage. Read more →

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Tomoe-Nage & Sumi-Gaeshi

Both Yusana and Ariana have learned tomoe-nage and sumi-gaeshi very quickly. Read more →

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Borchashvili + Matsumoto Roll

Day 2 of intensive training. Read more →

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Technical Training (Monday)

Day 1 of week-long intensive technical training. Read more →

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Complementary Techniques

Ariana & Yusana worked on complementary techniques, or techniques that go well together, Read more →

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Yusana's FoT is almost complete

Yusana's Family of Techniques is almost complete. Read more →

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Training partners

First competition training session involving Yusana, Amelia and Ariana. Read more →

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Yusana's FoT Part 2

Yusana continues her FoT training. Read more →

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Yusana's Family of Techniques (FoT) Part 1

We worked on Yusana's family of techniques. Read more →

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